Short Opinions

Here is my take on some debatable topics.

Cinnamon or Crepes and Waffles?

Even though cinnamon has great dishes, it will never compare to Crepes and Waffles. Cinnamon has a very limited amount of what it can offer you while Crepes and Waffles has a very diverse cuisine. Its menu is 72 pages long and has countless great dishes that vary from tasty desserts to healthy options. Not only does crepes and waffles focus on the food they create, they also put a lot of effort into keeping their name relevant. They do this by investing a lot in websites and social media. Cinnamon does not do this, in fact, each day it is becoming more and more irrelevant to its clients. Cinnamon may provide you a good dish while crepes provide you an enjoyable, fun and pleasant experience.

Books or Movies?

It is undeniable that reading can guarantee multiple benefits, but today we will be focusing on the experience it provides compared to movies. There is a greater effort required to read a book than to watch a movie. It is harder to commit to a 300 to 400 page book instead of a 2 to 3 hour movie. Surveys conducted in the United States have proven that movies are preferred over books. Take for example a classic, the Da Vinci Code. 47% of all the people surveyed had watched the movie while only 29% from all of them had read the book. As people develop a more specific taste, it becomes harder to find a good book, but why not a movie? This is because people are investing each day more on improving the cinematic experience.

Sports or Video Games?

It is undeniable that sports guarantee healthier results both in short and long term compared to video games. Physical health benefits consist of improving your body’s systems and making them function properly and ideally. Apart from the specific physical benefits that we all know about, sports also improve mental health. They do so by increasing confidence and reducing stress. As you may have already noticed, this is the complete opposite of what happens with video games. They subject a person to a very stressful experience while making them stay sedentary for a very long period of time. Video games are not bad, but people should be careful with how much time they put into them.

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