How Education Has Changed

Education has changed significantly in these years. The things that once were needed. Are no more. You can learn anything from the internet. Even universities know about this. They sure do. Universities are now providing an experience. And rely on the internet. For education purposes. Now, there is no need to go. Sure, it helps your skills. But that’s it. You need to have discipline and commitment. In order to succeed alone. But you can. Universities don’t determine your value in life. It may actually be easier. Learning by yourself. You can even do internships at companies. You’ll be learning by practice. Not by theory. All of this depends on your career. Since some require previous education. For doing so. If you want to be a doctor. You cannot help a patient. Without studying first. You would not know what to do. And can even mess up. Without knowing so. But for careers such as computer science. With a couple of courses. You are ready. In order to succeed in your job. You need to work hard. But also smartly. Nowadays there are many jobs that pay. A huge amount of money. While working little. Not studying may not be for everyone. Some do need the help. Others do not. It is about finding what fits you. Not the others. Learning by practice can benefit you economically. You’ll be earning a salary. While also learning. Since you wouldn’t waste years in university. You can start working earlier. Which is better. All of the learning done in universities. Can be shortened by years. Easing the learning. You wouldn’t waste time on pointless information. Instead, learning more practical one. That will help. Lately, this theory has been proven greatly. Even by Elon Musk himself. Richest man alive. Some attend university without thinking about it. They even make wrong decisions. When choosing careers. Then they would be stuck for years. And if they quit it. They’ll lose money. Universities charge you a lot of money. For just teaching a topic. That’s free online. On the other hand, universities do provide. Space for growing and maturing. That some need. They do not do their job badly. They just have to adapt. To new times. They’ve been doing the same for centuries. It is time to renovate their teaching ways. It’s true some have done this already. It isn’t just from them. But us too. We should be accepting the many ways. That one can develop from. Not criticizing them. Some really believe that studying is needed. In order to succeed life. But it isn’t. Opening our minds will help us understand. That there is more beyond. What it’s taught. We should actually be chasing a passion. And not just a salary. A 9–5 life. Doing so would decrease the dissatisfaction levels. That many develop in life. When working unhappily. It is actually okay to make mistakes. But when investing a lot. They become problematic. Not attending a university lets you experiment. With different possibilities.

(This post is taken from a writing activity involving some parameters, that is why the writing may seem a little funky.)

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