Biodegradable Products

Biodegradable refers to a product breaking down into natural elements, carbon dioxide, and water vapor by organisms like bacteria and fungi When it comes to biodegradable plastics, these have several positive impacts. They save non-renewable sources of energy while also reducing carbon emissions. Overall, they consume less energy as they provide an eco friendly solution. Using biodegradable products is as if we are giving back to our mother earth, as if we are returning something that we took from the planet. But we have to be more than careful, not all products that are advertised in an eco-friendly type of way can be beneficial to our environment. This has been very popular on social media such as TikTok, where teenagers expose big brands for harming the environment while also promoting the opposite. Even so, this does not apply to all of them, therefore, I make you an invitation. After all the harm that humans have caused, especially since we industrialized the planet, it is our duty to do something to protect the green home we live in. It is more than obvious that it is hard and unrealistic for us to go back to how things were before industrialization, our lives are accommodated to it. I personally could not have a 100% eco-friendly life, but that doesn’t mean that I should give up. Still, we need to make an effort, not only promote, but also implement these solutions into our lives. Many people believe that by posting a story on social media, or retweeting something they are making a great impact. They are only partially wrong, since they are bringing consciousness to the problem, but they are being hypocritical by not implementing the solutions they are promoting. This only works when done with consistency but every good intended action is valid and appreciated. Let’s be honest with ourselves, it is better to start now than to never do so. Biodegradable products may be a viable solution in order to give back to our environment. That is something that we owe to our children, to their future, and to the green home that has warmly welcomed us all these years.

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