Both ADHD and ADD have been a topic of reference by many teenagers in spaces such as social media. This topic holds a great misunderstanding of the effects it has and how it manifests itself. It is commonly understood as a disorder linked to people performing poorly at certain stuff due to a lack of attention. Although this is not entirely incorrect, ADHD and ADD have different impacts on people. They manifest themselves into four main types. The first type being the people who are extremely disorganized, hyper energetic, and overall are mostly extroverted. The second type are the ones who are very calm, like to be quiet for many reasons and prefer to be left alone. The third type are the ones that can be constantly seen as aggressive and conflictive. They are linked to having OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and may also have ODD (oppositional defiant disorder). The fourth type is mostly a mixture of the first three in which the person will manifest a different type based on a specific environment or mood. People with ADHD or ADD have a tendency of having very high IQs due to advantages such as perceiving small details faster, peripheral focus, discriminatory approach, and a hyper focus. This hyper focus is very common and can be seen when the person is very interested in something and is able to increase his attention drastically.


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